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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer, John LaGrappe, has a proven record of successfully representing clients for over two decades in Federal courthouses, Harris County courtrooms and many other courtrooms across Texas.

Locating a criminal attorney with proven litigation experience is crucial. The attorney you choose can heavily impact your case. Therefore clients seek out John LaGrappe's protection for his record of successfully representing clients and his locally and nationally recognized law practice in the area of criminal law. John has developed relationships with the judges and prosecutors and he understands the investigative tactics and the anticipated strategies of the DA's office.

For decades, John LaGrappe has developed a reputation of proven trust and credibility at all levels by guiding clients through the emotional and turbulent proceedings of the criminal justice system.

John LaGrappe has been involved in high profile nationwide cases and interviewed by national and local newspapers periodically such as the New York Times, the L.A. Times, the Houston Chronicle, the Miami Herald, the Waco Tribune plus many more.

Mr. LaGrappe has also been featured on many national television networks.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston

John LaGrappe is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston that has successfully represented clients in courtrooms across Texas and the United States.

2003 - State of Texas vs. Heriberto Salas
232nd District Court, Harris County, Texas
Charge: Murder

2002 - State of Texas vs. Ben Gaskamp
75th District Court of Liberty County, Texas
Charge: Murder

2008 - State of Texas vs. Dimitrius George
180th District Court of Harris County, Texas
Charge: Aggravated Assault
Charge: Aggravated Assault

2011 - State of Texas vs. Aron Satchell
55th District Court of McClennan County, Texas
Charge: Continuous Sexual Abuse

1997 - State of Texas vs. Sherman Bennet
20th District Court of Millam County, Texas
Charge: Aggravated Assault

Criminal Attorney Houston

In a review, past client David H. stated "I was involved in what I thought was an accident but the prosecuter believed otherwise. Although I paid an attorney in Tomball a large amount of money up front he continuously ignored my calls and didn't take any action including discussions with the prosecutor. I have a family and we love to hunt. I was getting a bit concerned and anxious because I was facing a felony and possible jail time (a felony would disable my ability to purchase future hunting guns). I was referred to John LaGrappe through a mutual long term friend. Needless to say, Mr. LaGrappe quickly rose to the occasion and saved my future. I recieved a misdemeanor and promptly completed my limited community service. Thanks John"

Another former client, Raymond H. sent a letter in the form of a testimonial and claimed he found John through a web search for Criminal Attorney Houston "John LaGrappe was a Godsend. He was able to expertly navigate my child custody battle through some very rough waters. Being a father, I didn't think I had a chance of winning custody of my three year old son, but by out-manuvering the opposing council for my ex wife, John was able to win the custody of my son and get him out of a harmful situation with my ex. As a father himself, he was extremely dedicated to my case and was so prepared for trial, that the opposing council was intimidated. This caused them to settle my case just before a full on jury trial. I will always be grateful to Mr. LaGrappe. My son will be too!"

Attorney John LaGrappe is a Houston criminal lawyer and a Houston defense attorney that specializes in Criminal Defense Houston which includes felony, aggravated robbery, drug conspiracies, federal fraud cases, violent crimes and possession of controlled substances. As a Houston criminal attorney this also includes embezzlement, property crimes, murder, dwi, firearm offenses, resisting arrest, auto theft, burglary, property crimes, robberies, disorderly conduct, misdemeanors, fraud, identity theft, white collar crimes, federal crimes, sex crimes, kidnapping, child abuse, etc. When searching for defense attorney Houston and criminal lawyer Houston you will locate John LaGrappe's credentials.

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